Aug 10th Webserver Issues - Server3

Dear customers,

Due to ongoing investigation about a firewall rule impacting our redmine hosting, our webservice on Server3 is currently out of service due to works conducted by our software vendor. We expect the service to recover as soon as possible.

 14:00 UPDATE: Server3 is working again. We keep monitoring the issue.

Jul 10th 13—17 August 2018: Maintenance work at our telephone supplier

Dear VoIP users!   We're writing to let you know about an upcoming software upgrade.  The system will be equipped with the latest software version during the week of 13 - 17 August 2018. Maintenance window:   13.08.2018 (22.00 hrs) to 14.8.2018 (04.00 hrs) Upgrade Side A 15.8.2018 (22.00 hrs) to 16.08.2018 (04.00 hrs) Upgrade Side ... Read More »